3 Reasons Why Round Dining Table Is Better For Smaller Spaces

3 Reasons Why Round Dining Table Is Better For Smaller Spaces

Adding round teak dining tables to our range! Comes in different sizes with the largest one catering to 6-8pax! If you need an even larger one, don’t feel paiseh to call us and we’ll work something out with you to fit more people in a single dining table!

#1. Better Flow

Nope, we’re not talking about Feng Shui here, although a round dining table is generally considered better for Feng Shui compared to rectangular dining tables as it allows for better distribution of energy. 

The flow we’re talking about here is that a round dining table creates more walking space and people can walk to their seats with much more ease. 






#2. Better Interaction 

Ever went out and dine at a rectangular dining table in a large group? One problem is that people at the other end of the table will be left out of the conversation easily. It makes chatting with everyone in the group harder. With a round dining table, everyone is facing the center of the table, which allows them to turn their focus easily to whoever is speaking at the moment. This makes interacting with each diner at the table easier and more comfortable. 

#3. Small Space

If you have a small dining area, a round dining table will be the perfect solution for you to maximize your space! A round dining table that can seat four pax compared to a rectangular dining table that can seat the same amount of people will take up lesser floor space as there are no corners.  

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