7 Interesting And Wacky Toilet Roll Holders Ever Created

7 Interesting And Wacky Toilet Roll Holders Ever Created

Toilet rolls holders are pretty standardized in Singapore, and because you’ll see the same toilet roll holder design for your bathroom almost across the market, its pretty boring. Besides, who would put so much thought into designing a simple toilet roll holder? Well, you’ll be in for a surprise to see that there are tons of various designs! Add some element of fun into your home with these 7 interesting and wacky toilet roll holder!


Sheep Tissue Holder

Toilet roll holder that allows you to store up to 7 toilet rolls and display it as part of a sheep!  




Rated 4.00 out of 5


Shelves & Cabinets

Pansy Teak Shelf


Rated 4.00 out of 5

toilet roll holder sg

Smiley Teak Tissue Holder

Store your toilet roll and protect it from water with this cute teak tissue holder! 



The Tree of Tissues

Or turn your toilet rolls into a part of a wall art with this wall-mounted tree tissue holder.

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Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Rohann Teak Oval Coffee Table



Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Cyanne Suar Wood Display Coffee Table

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Ellaina Teak Foldable Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Shona Suar Wood Twisted Display Stand



Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Sindy Suar Wood Round Stool

$139.00 $89.00

Bedside Tables & Storage

Hazelle Teak Cube Side Table



Legoman Tissue Holder

Make going to bathroom a fun time for your little ones with this wacky Legoman Tissue Holder. 


Innovative Tissue Holder

Can’t get enough of screen time? If you’re constantly bringing the phone with you wherever you go, this toilet roll holder will be the perfect solution as it offer you a place specifically designated to place your handphone safely while you’re doing some big business.





Triangular Tissue Holder Shelf

If you’re all about being both aesthetic and functional, this is the perfect addition to your bathroom. It can hold up to a total of four toilet rolls! It also features a rack below to hang a hand towel. 


Tic-Tac-Toe Tissue Holder

Got some time to spare? Install a Tic-Tac-Toe Tissue Holder to kill some time in the bathroom! It also features four hooks for you to hang towels and other items. 

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