A Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

A Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

Purchasing furniture for your new house or to replace the existing one is an exciting journey. However, faced with countless options to choose from, it can certainly be perplexing! It is a big-ticket item so you want to be certain that the dining table suits your needs and style of your home. Here’s a simple guide to picking out the perfect dining table for your home. 



Look at the space where your dining area will be. If you already have an existing table and is happy with its current dimensions, take down its dimensions. For new homeowners, visualize by using a painter’s tape or a masking tape. Mark out your desired table size. Remember to leave enough space between the wall and the dining table so that you and your guests can sit down and get up comfortably. It is recommended to leave at least 100 cm. 

Alternatively, grab your bedsheets! Fold the bed sheets into the dimensions to help you visualize where the size of your dining table. Felt that adding or taking away one more inch will be a better fit for your dining area? Adjust the dimensions in a hassle-free way! 

Secondly, how many people are there in your house? Aside from that, also consider if you host relatives or guests over the weekend frequently. If there are only four members in your family and you do not frequently have guests coming over to dine, a table which holds four seating capacity will suffice for your dining area. If you have frequent visitors, consider purchasing a larger dining table. Opt for a bench so that it can be kept away under the table when it is not in use, reducing the standing space of the dining area. For example, you can get a six-seater dining table and push one side against the wall. That way, on normal days you can still utilise the dining table for your family of four. When you have guests over, simply pull the table away from the wall to accommodate two more people.






There are rectangular, square, oval and round table shapes to choose from. Which is the right one for you? Take the shape of your dining area into consideration. As a rule of thumb, the shape of your dining table should try to mimic the shape of your dining area. For example, if the dining area is rectangular, opt for a rectangular or an oval table. If the dining area is square, pick either a square or a round table. It helps your dining area to look aesthetically more pleasing. 

If you have a tight rectangular space, oval tables are the best option as it allows space for more movement without the corners. Round and oval tables are also great for conversations. However, it can be hard to reach for the dishes in the middle. Tip: Add Lazy Susan to the middle of your table! 

Opt for less bulky chairs and you can increase your seating capacity. While it is possible to hold more guests without being restricted by the corners of the table, you will lose some table surface area for your dishes after you have finished setting up your table. 






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Construction of table 

Legs. There are mainly three types of table support – four-legs, trestle legs and pedestal base. If you want a wider variety of table designs, tabletops with four-legs have the widest range of variety in the market. Wish to have a marble-top with metal legs? Or a wood slab instead? Walk into any furniture store in Singapore and you will find that most stores offer this flexibility. 

Trestle legs are by far the oldest kind of table support recorded. As trestle legs have a stretcher (a long piece of wood) between the table legs on ends of the table, it will not be comfortable for guests to sit at the side of the table. If you have young children, refrain them from playing underneath the table since they might trip over the stretcher as they weave in and out under the table. 

As mentioned, trestle legs are the oldest kind of table support. However, don’t be tempted to think that trestle legs table only comes in traditional style; manufacturers are now putting a modern twist on these trestle legs! 

Pedestal tables are perfect if you are looking for a dining table to add a classic touch to your home decor. The base is usually made of solid wood, so be assured that the table is sturdy and strong. 

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