How ‘Thick’ Should Your Mattress Really Be?

If you have been using your mattress for at least 8 years, it’s time to change your mattress, please. Thickness of mattresses can range from 6 inches to over 20 inches. Surely a 20 inches thick mattress is way better than a 6 inches thick matress, right? That’s how typically most of us think -more is better! However, that’s not necessarily true! Choosing the ideal thickness of your mattress depends on various factors!

1. Your Weight

No, you don’t have to disclose your weight to the salesperson, we know someone who is always sensitive about their weight. For a soft mattress to support a heavier person, the mattress must be thicker as the mattress will be more compressed by the person who weighs heavier than a lighter person. But if you’re getting a dense mattress, the thickness of the mattress does not have to be as much compared to a soft mattress to support the same person.

2. The Type of Mattress

Memory foam, latex mattress, soft foam mattress…you’ve probably heard of various types of mattresses on the market. The material of the mattress affects the density of the mattress, and this in turns affect the thickness of the mattress required for you.

3. Your Favourite Sleeping Position

Sleeping position affects the support needed for different area of your body. For back sleepers, you need support for your shoulders and buttocks. For side sleepers, hip and shoulders support is needed. A 8 to 10 inches of firm mattress would be ideal to provide the support needed for a good sleeping posture.

As for people who sleeps on their stomach, comfort is needed more than support. Hence, a soft mattress of 10 inches and above would be more suitable for front sleeper.





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